Service of refrigeration and air conditioning on boats
Marine propulsion
Production of air conditioning for smaller vessels
Production of chillers
and split systems
Slurry ice production equipment
Slurry ice

MJP propulsion

Marine Jet Power AB is the world's leading manufacturer of "water jet" propulsion systems for all types of boats and vessels. The MJP water jet propulsion system delivers more speed and lowers fuel consumption with better control even in shallow water.

Propulsion systems meet the most demanding criteria, with improved design and easy maintenance.

Air conditioning

Central units called "chillers" are mostly used in air conditioning systems on ships or yachts larger then 24m, which can both heat or cool water in the system and circulate it by pumping through convectors or climate chambers.

Split systems and compact air conditioners

Smaller yachts and vessels up to 24m are equipped with split systems or compact systems.

Slurry ice

Slurry ice is a fluid mixture of seawater and micronized very fine sea ice crystals, in the size of 0.05mm to 0.2mm, made in a slurry ice production unit. Such "mash" of slurry sea ice may be from 10% to 90% density, and the temperature of the slurry from -1.6C to -3.7C.

Benefits of Slurry Ice

  • the fastest and most effective cooling (shocking) fish
  • Slurry ice has no sharp edges and does not damage the fish
  • it can be pumped through plastic pipes
  • Slurry ice devices are smaller in size than similar devices (cold water and similar sistems) with higher cooling efficiency.

About us

DIVCOM has been in existence for 25 years and has been successful in its segment. During our work we have become an authorized distributor, and exclusive agent and authorized service for the MJP in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.